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Clients Testimonials  

"If Ken Krusensterna's seminar doesn't kick the chair right out from underneath your company's naive posture toward international travel, his book will take the blinders off an "American in Paris." No longer can a company say, "If only we would have known," or "What do we do now?"

Ken exposes the real horrors and provides a step by step blueprint to avoid catastrophe for the corporate foreign traveler. This isn't about buying a book or hearing a seminar; it's about safety and family peace of mind. Don't wait another minute or you or your company employee may be living dangerously."

John K. Betonte
Director, Corporate Business Development
Corporate Relocation Management, Inc.

"On behalf of Thunderbird, The American Graduate School of International Management, thank you for your significant contribution to the recent Thunderbird Global Business Forum in Glendale. The Business Forum was a great success and would not have been possible without your participation and expertise.

As you know, the Business Forum was well attended with over 70 participants representing alumni and local businesses. We've had very positive feedback from our alumni and other attendees."

Roy A. Herberger, Jr.
President, Thunderbird
The American Graduate School of International Management

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