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Our Mission  

Our job at Stand International is to make your job more efficient and effective. How do we do that? By the following:

  • We create an awareness of the danger signals and an alertness to the proper response.

  • We help you to understand the power your speech, behavior and beliefs have in preventing involvement in an international incident.

  • We help you to adapt to the cultures and customs of a foreign country, appreciating your ability to blend.

  • We make sure you are in compliance with all the official and understood documents and practices expected of you, whether by air or ground.

  • We maintain educated and up-to-date strategies of what your families can do in an international crisis.

Can you say, today, that your workers are as capable and prepared as possible? If not--why aren't you doing something about it? Don't wait until the statistics grow before responding to the urgent needs of personal security and protection. One of those statistics could be YOU!

Top 10 Most Dangerous Nations!

  1. Colombia
  2. Mexico
  3. Venezuela
  4. Guatemala
  5. Philippines
  6. Cambodia
  7. Yemen
  8. Nigeria
  9. Angola
  10. Russia
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