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Terror In Mexico:
The Kidnapping of Ken Krusensterna

printed in U.S.A., 2000
Copyright 2000


What did you do before your last trip to Mexico to protect you and your family?

What is your plan for your next trip?

Get Rid of that "American Mindset" and get prepared!

The unprepared and unaware take a chance on becoming Mexico's latest crime statistic

Many don't live to tell their story.

mexico book

With reports in Mexico's major cities showing nearly 100 percent increase in violent crimes over the past five years, this book is an invaluable resource.

The U.S. Embassy is limited on what they can do to help you. Help Yourself!


American abductions are some of the most dangerous in Mexico, including sexual abuse, emotional manipulation, mutilation and murder.

Not only does Ken share his dynamic story with the reader, but he reveals the truth of the matter -- it could happen to you!

What others are saying about the Book...

"Ken sounds a warning bell to all of us who travel to Mexico for work and pleasure. He dramatically spells out the precautions we need to take for the personal safety of ourselves and our families. It's a book worth reading."
Charles Klopf, Publisher
50+ Lifestyles
"Even knowing the ending to Ken's story didn't change the way I remained glued to the riveting details of his horrendous experience. I kept wondering how I would have reacted to any of the roles that Ken and his family was forced to play. I only hope that I have become a wiser business traveler because of Ken's shared knowledge."
Joyce Cannon, Sales Development Manager
North American High Value Products
"Ken Krusensterna's experience and expertise in International travel is unparalleled and invaluable."
Larry Platt, President
B&L Transportation
"With Ken Krusensterna's international business savvy, much of the pressures and worries of corporate foreign travel have been put to rest!"
Dick Ward
Delta Airlines
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